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About Us

We started as a fledgling venture at the New Doha International Airport in 2008, Time Lapse Productions has since grown into a robust and dedicated team of experts catering to many types of projects around the world that are just as diverse as our clientele.

With the aim of adding distinctive value and enhancing core competencies in the property and construction industries, we sought to showcase the technical skills and innovations we have acquired over the years through a wide range of services including both ground and aerial deployments as well as short and long-term time-lapse systems.

Constantly seeking to innovate our growing list of competencies and looking out for the latest technological breakthroughs, Time Lapse Productions stands ready to document each of your construction site progress, one frame at a time.


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Diversified Projects


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Construction Site Progress

Visual Report

Our teams of highly experienced technicians are always prepared for any construction site or geographical condition. Briefed and up-to-date on the smallest details even before the assignment day, our teams arrive on-site with all the knowledge and tools to make sure the job gets done.

  • Site Progress Video Coverage
  • Site Progress Photograph Coverage
  • Site Progress Aerial Coverage

Aerial Drone


With teams consisting of experienced pilots and co-pilots, our drone technology allows easy capture of aerial images or videos at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional helicopters and can be deployed at a moment’s notice.

  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Survey Grade Aerial Mapping
  • 360 Aerial Virtual Reality

Long Term Construction

Time Lapse

Powered by solar energy and equipped with wireless functionality, our standalone construction time-lapse system requires little to no maintenance. Additionally, you can view, share and download the recorded images through a dedicated web portal.

  • Consultation & System Setup
  • Online Dedicated Time Lapse Portal
  • International Time Lapse Editing Works
  • Full System Service & Maintenance

Transforming & Improving Projects

We’re always interested in new opportunities, big or small.

Our Projects

The Qatar Petroleum District one of the biggest property-development projects in Qatar which includes nine office blocks, a five-star hotel complex a shopping centre and a conference centre.

With an estimated GDV of RM40 billion, TRX is an iconic 70-acre development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that is set to become a leading centre for international finance and business.

The Ophir Development Project is a cost-efficient solution wellhead platform consisting of a tri-legged jacket with an integrated suction pile foundation that can be relocated at other suitable oil fields.

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